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Frequently Asked Questions

·  Do I have to sign a lease?
No. All contracts are on a month to month basis. You can move out when ever you like without worrying about a penalty.

  ·  Do you offer any discounts?
Yes Many! We have discounts for long-term customers, seniors, and the Military. In addition we run monthly specials of all kinds. Just click on one of our facilities to see what we are offering now...then call the location to see if you can do better!

  ·  Does the Storage Spot provide a lock?
Yes we sell locks.

  ·  What type of security do you have?
Both our facilities are monitored 24hours a day by a motion sensing digital camera system that automatically records any movement to hard disk. In addition we have on-site managers at each property as well as coded gate access that restricts access and records all tenants coming and going.

  ·  What hours can I access my unit?
Access is available from 6am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Commercial customers can inquire about special access hours if necessary for business purposes.

  ·  What is coded gate access?
Our facilities require a code (or PIN) for both entry and exit from the facility. This allows us to monitor everyone who comes and goes as well as how long they are on the property.

  ·  What is a drive-up unit?
A drive-up unit is an outside unit on the 1st floor of the facility that allows you to drive directly up for loading and unloading. ALL units at the Storage Spot are drive-up units.

  ·  What are roll up doors?
Roll up doors are the most common doors in the storage industry. They have a sliding latch and the doors 'roll up' into the ceiling of the unit similar to a garage door on a house.

  ·  Do you sell any moving or packing supplies?
Yes. We carry a full line of products to help you move or store your belongings. AND...since we've been doing this a while we're more than happy to give you some tips and advice to ensure you've done all you can to protect your property.

  ·  Do you offer insurance?
Yes. We do offer insurance that can be purchased through MiniCo Insurance. Also, check your home owners or renters insurance policy and you may find you're already covered.


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